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So this is my manifesto, this is my etre. Tear down your reason, tear down our meaning. We are constrained by one thing my friends and one thing only and that is physics. Everything else is the margins. And eventually we'll come to the end of our t dimension but until then enjoy the x,y,z.

All sorts of wishes, all sorts

I’m considering the time and how it shortens and elongates. Or, better put, I’m considering how I haven’t written in a while. What’s happened? Hmm I’ve been sad? Yes. Sad sad sad. Sad and Mad. I think the best way, … Continue reading

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He’s just in it for the meaning

Almost forgot today! Ok had a bit to drink. And smoke. And didn’t sleep last night. All around, not a totally productive evening, I’m going to just go ahead and admit that. Not productive at all. But that being said … Continue reading

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Mixing BSG with BS

Alright trying to do this two days in a row. Alright. So yesterday was pretty manic. Pretty scattered. I was reacting to the group really, and Ryan. I feel more or less the same about it, I feel more or … Continue reading

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July 10th – A begging to an end

so I think I need to get back into this. Reasons why include that I’m starting to find instability stability in my life. Or to put it another way, I think I want to lose it. Totally, nuts, lose it. … Continue reading

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