What teh ffuck

I don’t like writing just to myself so I’m posting my http://750words.com/ here.  Why?

Well basically because I feel, and maybe this is madness in it’s most selfish form, that my words are interesting and that my experience and thoughts are worth chronicling not just privately but also publicly.

In the past when I journal, I had this sycophantic view that some day my words may mean something, that they’d be poured over by scholars and college undergrads (more of a punishment, no?).

I suppose as I’ve aged I’ve become a bit more somber and realistic in my expectations. But yet despite that somberdacity and realisticness the drive and the spark that came from that view did motivate me to write.  So, hoping to finally get this habit rolling, I’m trying to harness it by posting my thoughts, anonymously, on teh internets.

We’ll see how it goes.,


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